(Latin: large, great, greatest)

A maximis ad minima. (Latin)
Translation: "From the greatest to the least."
maxim (s) (noun), maxims (pl)
1. A short rule of behavior or conduct that is expressed as a proverb: "Look before you leap" is a maxim.
2. A statement expressing some general truth.
maximal (adjective), more maximal, most maximal
A reference to being the greatest possible amount or highest in structure.
maximize (verb), maximizes; maximize; maximizing
To increase or to magnify to the greatest degree or amount: Harry's food stores are striving to maximize the sales of their products in order to have more money to establish even more stores!
maximum (s) (noun); maxima, maximums (pl)
The largest, greatest possible, or highest amount: Ten miles in a day was the maxima that any member of Jim's club walked this summer.
Maximum remedium est irae mora.
Translation: "The best remedy for anger is delay." -Seneca
Pontifex Maximus
The chief or senior priest and head of the state religion of Rome; in this case, it is not a reference to the Roman Catholic Church but to classical Rome.

At first he was probably required to be a patrician, but by the middle Republic era he was more than likely to be a plebeian. He supervised all of the various members of the priestly colleges—augurs, pontifices, other minor priests, and the Vestal Virgins.

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