lenticulo-, lenticul- +

(Latin: lentil-shaped, lentil; a term later used to refer to "the lentil-shaped lens of the eye")

Relating to the lens of the eye and its capsule.
capsulolenticular cataract
A cataract (opacity impairing vision or causing blindness) in which both the eye lens and its capsule are involved.
Relating to the caudate nucleus (elongated gray mass) and lenticularis.
concave lenticular
Having the form of a lens of the eye; lentiform.

Concave lenticulars will make one see most clearly things that are far away.

Located within the lens of the eye.
1. A small eye lens.
2. Nucleus lentiformis or the harder internal part of the lens of the eye.
3. Lenticel, a loosely-packed mass of cells in the bark of a woody plant, visible on the surface of a stem as a raised powdery spot, through which gaseous exchange occurs.
1. A reference to or shaped like a lens in the eye.
2. Pertaining to the crystalline lens of the eye.
3. Referring to the lenticular nucleus.
In the manner of a lens of the eye; with a curve.
Extending from the lentiform (convex on both sides; lentil-shaped) nucleus to the thalamus.
linticular astigmatism (s) (noun), linticular astigmatisms (pl)
A physical condition that is caused by a defective curvature or a refractive surface of the lens of an eye: A linticular astigmatism is an abnormal situation in which a refraction or a change in direction of a ray of light in the eye is not sharply focused on the retina, but it is spread over a more or less diffuse or scattered area.
perilenticular, circumlental
Surrounding the lens of the eye.
retrolental, retrolenticula
Posterior to the lens of the eye.
1. Half lenticular or convex.
2. Imperfectly resembling a lens of the eye.
senile lenticular myopia, second sight
1. Improved near vision in the aged as a result of increased refractivity of the nucleus of the lens causing myopia.
2. The power of discerning what is not visible to the physical eye, or of foreseeing future events; such as are of a disastrous kind, the capacity of a seer or prophetic vision.

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