lemmo-, lemm-, lemma- +

(Greek: sheath, husk)

Don't confuse the words in this unit with another lemma-, lemmata- unit which means "to take [something for granted]; an assumption taken for granted; premise; anything taken".

A reference to a nerve fiber lacking a neurolemma.
analemma (s) (noun), analemmas (pl)
1. A scale, found on some sundials and globes, that is shaped like a figure eight and marked to indicate the declination of the sun and to allow the calculation of apparent solar time.
2. Etymology: from Latin analemma, "the pedestal of a sundial" then the sundial itself, from Greek analemma, "to take up, to support"; from analambanein, "to receive, to take up, to restore"; from
ana-, "up" + lambanein, "to take".

The connective tissue sheath of nerve fibers near their termination.
The capsule of a gland.
lemma (s) (noun), lemmas (pl)
1. In botany: The outer or lower of two bracts surrounding, or enclosing, the flower of a grass spikelet or small spike.
2. In logic, a proposition that is assumed to be true in order to test the validity of another proposition.
3. An assumption taken for granted; something received.
4. In publishing, a heading that indicates the topic of a work or passage.
5. The argument or subject of a literary composition, prefixed as a heading or title; also, a motto appended to a picture, etc.
A cell that becomes a neurilemma cell.
A mucin coat which is a non-cellular envelope secreted around the rabbit egg and its oolemma by the oviduct.
A delicate membranous sheath enveloping each fibril of muscular tissue.
neurilemma, neurolemma
In the peripheral nervous system, the cytoplasm and nuclei of Schwann cells wrapped around the myelin sheath or the unmyelinated processes of nerve fibers. This contributes to regeneration of damaged nerve fibers by producing growth factors and serving as a tunnel or guide for regrowth.
A reference to the thin membrane spirally enwrapping the myelin layers of certain fibers, especially of peripheral nerves, or the axons of certain unmyelinated nerve fibers.
Inflammation of a neurilemma.
neurilemmoma, neurilemoma, neurinoma
A firm, encapsulated fibrillar tumor of a peripheral nerve.
A malignant neurilemona or a firm, encapsulated fibrillar tumor of a peripheral nerve or the fine rapid contractions or twitchings of fibers or of small groups of fibers in skeletal or cardiac muscle.
Plasma membrane of the oocyte.
plasmalemma, plasmalemmal, plasmolemma
The thin membrane immediately surrounding the cytoplasm of a cell that restricts the passage of molecules into it.