lav-, lava-, lavat-

(Latin: wash, washing; bathe, bathing; by extension, clean, cleaning)

From Latin lavare, "to wash, to bathe" and is related to Latin luere, luto-, "to wash".

alavation (s) (noun), alavations (pl)
Without washing; unwashed.
antiseptic lavage (s) (noun), antiseptic lavages (pl)
A means of washing, especially of a hollow organ, such as the stomach or lower bowel, with repeated injections of warm water mixed with an antiseptic or antifungal solution: Antiseptic lavages are commonly used as a treatment to pericoronitis of wisdom teeth; or inflammation of the gingivae (gums) surrounding the crowns of teeth.
antral lavage (s) (noun), antral lavages (pl)
Irrigation of the main sinus (passageway of the nose) through its natural opening or through a puncture of the lower canal or passage.
blood lavage (s) (noun), blood lavages (pl)
The introduction of serum to the blood based on the outmoded belief that it would dilute noxious substances.
bronchoalveolar lavage (s) (noun), bronchoalveolar lavages (pl)
A technique for obtining cells from bronchioles and alveoli of the lungs by instillation of sterile fluid through a fiberoptic bronchoscope into a lobe and subsequent removal by suction. The technique may be of diagnostic value or be used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.
elavo (verb), elavos; elavoed; elavoing
To wash out, to wash clean.
ether lavage (s) (noun), ether lavages (pl)
An obsolete, or out dated, practice of washing of the peritoneal (abdominal) cavity with ether as a treatment for acute intra-abdominal or pelvic infections.
gastric lavage (s) (noun), gastric lavages (pl)
A procedure used to remove the contents of the stomach by washing it out; for example, after ingestion or swallowing a toxic (poisonous) substance: Gastric lavage is performed by placing the patient down with his or her head below the level of the stomach and turned to one side; then a lubricated tube is passed down the esophagus into the stomach and a funnel is attached to the top and water is poured into it until the stomach is filled.

The top of the tube is then lowered, allowing the fluid in the stomach to drain into a bucket and this gastric lavage is repeated until the water shows up clear and clean.

—Compiled from information located in
The American Medical Association, Home Medical Encyclopedia;
Medical Editor, Charles B. Clayman, MD; Random House Publisher;
New York; Volume Two, page 630.
intestinal lavage (s) (noun), intestinal lavages (pl)
A form of dialysis in which fluids are instilled and withdrawn in the small intestine in order to remove waste products from the blood across the intestinal mucosa.
lather (s) (noun), lathers (pl)
1. A substance that is usually white and made by rapidly stirring soap and water resulting in small bubbles or foam: When Sherrie washes her hair, she uses warm water and applies shampoo and then she massages it into a rich lather.
2. Etymology: from Greek, louein, "to bathe" then from Latin lavere, "to wash".

"In old English, this term was recorded as meaning, "washing soda", and the modern meaning of "soap bubbles" came into existence in about the late 16th century."

lather (verb), lathers; lathered; lathering
A white mass of bubbles that is produced with a mixture of soap and water: Earl lathered his face with shaving cream which softened his three-day beard so he could shave it off easier.
lathered (adjective), more lathered, most lathered
A reference to that which has been made into a foam or a lot of bubbles, used for washing and cleansing: Jewel's lathered hair was being rinsed and would be dried and styled by the beautician.
latherer (s) (nouns), latherers (pl)
Those who use cleansing substances to clean their hair and bodies: The football latherers, or team members, were using shampoo and soap to clean themselves under the showers after the hard-fought game.
lathery (adjective), more lathery, most lathery
A description of something that is covered with foamy liquid or other bathing soap: James had rubbed his lathery hair and he was about to rinse off the shampoo under the shower.
latrinalia (s) (noun), latrinalias (pl)
Bathroom or toilet graffiti: Using words that are only fit for a latrine wall.

Related "wash" words: balneo-; clys-; luto-; plyno-.