hiero-, hier-

(Greek: sacred, holy; religious)

hierophant, hierophants
1. Someone who shows or reveals sacred things.
2. The presiding priest who initiated candidates at the Eleusinian mysteries; hence, one who teaches the mysteries and duties of religion.
3. In ancient Greece, an official expounder of rites of worship and sacrifice.
4. Any interpreter of sacred mysteries or esoteric principles; a mystagogue.
5. Someone who interprets and explains obscure and mysterious matters; especially, sacred doctrines or mysteries.
6. An interpreter of events: someone who explains or comments about everyday matters.
1. Of or belonging to a hierophant or hierophants or their teachings; such as, someone who shows or reveals sacred things.
2. Resembling or characteristic of a presiding priest who initiated candidates at the Eleusinian mysteries; hence, one who teaches the mysteries and duties of religion.
Sexual arousal from sacred objects.
hierophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An intense dislike of holy people or of sacred objects: After Jane listened to sermons in church, explaining that everyone would go to hell if he or she didn't pray, she developed a strong aversion to anything having to do with such religious individuals or things, and her doctor said later that she had developed a hierophobia.
hierophobic (s) (noun) hierophobics (pl)
A person who avoids religious objects or rituals, clergymen, or places of religious worship: Tom, a hierophobic, had a very strong dislike of churches ever since he was forced to go to church with his parents every Sunday during the time he was living at home.
This nomenclature ("sacred lizard") is no longer recognized by scientists because they found that it described an animal that was previously given another name which is Nodosaurus. Named by G. R. Wieland in 1909.
1. Divination by examining the entrails of animals and, even humans, to foretell the future.
2. Divination by inspecting and interpreting the entrails of victims offered in sacrifice.
A receptacle for sacred objects.
Someone who treats people who have diseases with the use of prayers and religious practices.
Treatment of disease by prayer and religious practices.
A sacred or holy work or worship.
Relating to sacred rites.
Sacred work or performance.

Ancient hieroscribe symbol This ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, the symbol of the Egyptian scribe, will take you to an explanation of hieroglyphs for a greater understanding of these special writing symbols.

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