hidero-, hider-, hidro-, hidr-, -hidrosis, -hidrotic +

(Greek: sweat, sweating, perspire, perspiration; sweat gland)

1. A malodorous and offensive perspiration of the feet; "stinking" feet.
2. Foul-smelling perspiration, or sweating, of the feet.
Sweating of the feet.
Abnormally excessive sweating.
polyhidrosis, polyidrosis
Excessive or profuse perspiration.
synhidrosis, synidrosis
1. Concurrent sweating.
2. The association of perspiration with another condition.
3. Sweating occurring in association with another physical situation.
4. A condition in which excessive sweating is part of the clinical manifestation.
urhidrosis, urinidrosis
Excretion of urea or uric acid in the sweat.
The presence in the sweat of urinous materials; such as, uric acid, urea, etc.; sudor urinosus.