hidero-, hider-, hidro-, hidr-, -hidrosis, -hidrotic +

(Greek: sweat, sweating, perspire, perspiration; sweat gland)

hemihidrosis, hemidrosis
Sweating confined to one side of the body.
hemihyperhidrosis, hemidiaphoresis, hyperhidrosis unilateralis
Excessive sweating on one side of the body.
hidradenitis, hidroadenitis, hydradenitis
Inflammation of the sweat glands.
Resembling sweat glands.
Any skin condition occurring with associated abnormal sweating.
1. A cystic form of sweat gland adenoma (adenoma, sweat gland).
2. A benign cystic tumor of the sweat glands.

It is produced by the cystic proliferation of apocrine secretory glands. It is not uncommon, occurring in adult life in no particular age group, with males and females equally affected. The commonest site is around the eye, particularly lateral to the outer canthus. It is cured by surgical removal.

Pertaining, or referring, to sweating or to a sweat gland.
Divination with water, tides, and ebbs.
A reference to any disorder or ailment of sweating.
hidroplankton (s) (noun), hidroplankton (pl)
Small life forms that achieve buoyancy by means of surface secretions: There wasn't much information about hidroplankton in Jane's science book, only that its floatability was possible because of surface emissions.
The formation of sweat or perspiration.
Pertaining to, characterized by, or promoting hidropoiesis (causing sweat).
hidrorrhea, hidrorrhoea (British)
Excessive flow of sweat (perspiration).
The suppression of sweating.
Excessive sweating.