ambi-, amb-, ambo-

(Latin: both, on both sides; around, about; vague; obscure)

circumambulation (s) (noun), circumambulations (pl)
A stroll or a walk for leisurely pleasure or for exercise: Janet goes on a circumambulation in her neighborhood every day whenever the weather permits it.
circumambulator (s) (noun), circumambulators (pl)
Someone who walks around something; especially, as part of a ritual: Susan and Jeff, who are regular circumambulators, are fond of circling around the lake by foot near their home every evening.
circumambulatory (adjective), more circumambulatory, most circumambulatory
Descriptive of the capability of walking or travelling all over: Shawn was planning on a circumambulatory trip through the country.

Eve usually went to the cemetery where her parents were buried and the circumambulatory stroll brought back memories of the past when they all lived together.

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reamputation (s) (noun), reamputations (pl)
The second of two or more surgical operations performed on the same body part: When Doug had one of his fingers amputated from his left hand, he had another accident while he was chopping wood for his fireplace and a reamputation had to be made on the same multi-fingered organ.
unambiguity (s) (noun), unambiguities (pl)
Clarity or clearness which is achieved by the avoidance of vagueness or lack of understanding: The unambiguity and preciseness of the statements of how the accident happened were presented by the witness during the trial.
unambiguous (un" am BIG yoo uhs) (adjective), more unambiguous, most unambiguous
A reference to something that has no uncertainty but is clearly expressed: In order for her chemistry students to understand everything with preciseness, Mrs. Smith was absolutely unambiguous in explaining the procedures for completing the test in a proper and correct manner.
unambiguously (adverb), more unambiguously, most unambiguously
Relating to how a remark, question, comment, etc. is conveyed without any doubts while speaking clearly: Ted unambiguously stated his preference when he told the sales clerk what kind of coat he wanted for the winter.

The biology teacher unambiguously told James to stop talking during the test the class was taking at the time.

unambitious (adjective), more unambitious, most unambitious
Pertaining to someone having little desire for success or achievement; concerning a lack of determination: Tina was a very unambitious student in high school because she was more focused on her career as a singer with her boyfriend's musical group.
unambitiously (adverb), more unambitiously, most unambitiously
Regarding how someone does something without a strong desire and in a very unenthusiastic way or manner: Michael does what is assigned to him on his job; however, he works unambitiously in that he does only what is necessary and nothing more.

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