hem-, haem-, hemo-, haemo, hema-, haema-, hemato-, haemato-, hemat-, haemat-, -hemia, -haemia, -hemic, -haemic

(Greek: blood)

leucocythemia, leukemia, leukaemia (s) (noun); leucocythemias; leukemias: leukaemias (pl)
A disease in which the white corpuscles of the blood are largely increased in number; leuchaemia: Leucocythemia is also characterised by an enlargement of the spleen, or the lymphatic glands;
lipohemarthrosis (s) (noun), lipohemarthroses (pl)
The presence of fat-containing blood in a joint that has an intra-articular fracture: Because Kent's leg had been crushed, there appeared to be some lipohemarthrosis in the joints which the doctor was monitoring to see if the blood was being absorbed normally.
oligocythemia, oligocythaemia (primarily British)
Deficiency in the total number of red blood cells present in the body.
oligocythemia, oligocythaemia
1. Deficiency in the total number of red blood cells present in the body.
2. Deficiency of the cellular elements of the blood.
oligocythemic, oligocythaemic (chiefly British)
A reference to, or characteristic of, deficiency in the total number of red blood cells present in the body.
oxyhemoglobin (s) (noun), oxyhemoglobins (pl)
A familiar protein is the one in red blood corpuscles that combines with oxygen in the lungs and carries it to the cells of the tissues where it gives it up again: When hemoglobin is combined with oxygen, it becomes oxyhemoglobin.
oxyhemoglobinometer (s) (noun), oxyhemoglobinometers (pl)
An apparatus for the measurement of the amount of oxygen in the blood: During Bob's practicum in the hospital, he learned that an oxyhemoglobinometer was needed to access the level of oxygen in a patient's blood.
pelophobia (s) (noun) (no pl)
A horror of being personally dirty or objects being filthy: Daniel was overly conscious of taking a shower every day and being very clean and tidy, and his friends joked about him having pelophobia!

Mrs. Hathaway, affected by pelophobia, always had her sports car vacuumed and washed every other day because she never wanted to have any dust or even mud visible on it!

The treatment of cancer by intravenous injection of a photosensitizing agent; such as, hematoporphyrin, followed by exposure to visible light of superficial tumors or deep tumors by a fiberotic probe.
physohematometra, physohydrometra (s) (noun) (no pl)
The presence of gas and blood within the uterus: When Jane went to her gynocologist's for a regular check-up, she was informed that she had a case of physohematometra, which was a disorder in the muscular organ of her pelvic cavity and should be treated quickly.
The use of several chemotherapeutic agents in a treatment schedule.
1. A disorder characterized by an abnormal increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood.
2. Too many red blood cells which is the opposite of anemia.

Polycythemia formally exists when the hemoglobin, red blood cell count, and the total volume are all above normal.

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