hal-, hali-, -haled, -haling, -halant, -halent, -halation +

(Latin: breathe, breath; from halitus, "breath" and related to halare, "to breathe")

Don’t confuse this hal-, hali- unit meaning "breath, breathe" with another halio-, hali- unit which means "salt".

1. To breathe in; to draw in by (or as by) breathing; to take into the lungs.
2. Used specifically regarding the taking in of anesthetics in the form of gas or vapor; of tobacco smoke; as in, "Do you inhale when you smoke?"
An erroneous variant of inhalant or a mistaken form of inhalant.
1. Someone who inhales.
2. A contrivance for inhaling.
3. An apparatus for administering a medicinal or anesthetic gas or vapor by inhalation.
4. An appliance enabling a person to breathe with safety in a deleterious atmosphere or under water; a respirator.

Word units related to breath and breathe: pneo-; pneumato-; pneumo-; psych-; spiro.