grad-, -grade, -gred, -gree, -gress

(Latin: walk, step, take steps, move around; walking or stepping)

graduate, graduate
graduate (GRAJ yoo ayt") (verb)
1. To be granted an academic degree or diploma: About two thirds of the entering freshmen stayed until they were able to graduate.
2. To advance to a new level of skill, achievement, or activity: After weeks of practice, the athletes were able to graduate to higher levels of wins over losses.
graduate (GRAJ yoo it") (noun)
Someone who has completed a course of study and received formal recognition for his or her academic accomplishments: Jerome's parents were very proud of him; especially, since he was the first high school graduate in the family.

As a graduate of the famous university, Helena felt that she was ready to graduate to an advanced level of research in her specialization of micro-biology.

This nomenclature (“Gressly’s lizard”) is no longer recognized by scientists because they found that it described an animal that was previously given another name which is Plateosaurus. Named by Rütimeyer in 1857.
homograde (HOH muh grayd)
Expressed in one or the other of two contrasting categories; such as, male or female.
ingredient (s) (noun), ingredients (pl)
One of the elements which is present in a mixture; especially of food: Janet's husband asked her what ingredients went into the soup that they would be having for dinner.

Bobby was told by his father that hard work was an ingredient of a successful career.

A element in a combination or mixture of something.
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