geno-, gen-, genit-, gener-, -gen

(Greek > Latin: race, kind; line of descent; origin, creation; pertaining to sexual relations, reproduction, or heredity; and more recently, a gene or genes)

Chaos-born; generated in chaos.
chronogenesis (s) (noun), chronogeneses (pl)
The historical development of a group of organisms: Chronogenesis pertains to the time sequence of occurrences of organisms in stratified rock.
1. The development of a new clade (branch of evolutionary tree) or the splitting of a single lineage into two distinct lineages.
2. An evolutionary change by the branching off of new species from common ancestral types.
Spread by scratching.
Caused by scratching.
collagen, collagenous
Any of various tough, fibrous proteins found in bone, cartilage, skin, and other connective tissue of vertebrates. Boiling with water converts collagen to gelatin.

Collagens have great tensile strength, and provide these body structures with the bility to withstand forces that stretch them.

Collagens consist of three polypeptide chains arranged in a triple helix, and are bundled together in fibers. When boiled in water, collagen is converted into gelatin.

Collagen supplies the matrix in which the calcium salts that give the bones their hardness are deposited. Collagen is the substance of cartilage and tendon.

congenital (adjective), more congenital, most congenital
1. Regarding something that is present at birth but not necessarily hereditary; pertaining to a condition acquired during fetal development: Little Sarah developed a congenital health disorder before she was born because her mother drank too much alcohol and smoked too much during pregnancy.
2. Characterized by existing, usually before birth, or by referring to conditions that are present with a baby, regardless of their cause: Tommy was diagnosed as being hard of hearing when he was born and this was commented on by the doctors as being a congenital health problem.
Pertaining to a person from birth.
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The origin, development, or evolution of the universe.