geno-, gen-, genit-, gener-, -gen

(Greek > Latin: race, kind; line of descent; origin, creation; pertaining to sexual relations, reproduction, or heredity; and more recently, a gene or genes)

A theory which explains inheritance by the transmission of the type of growth force possessed by one generation to another.
1. The study of the genetically-determined response to drugs.
2. The scientific study of the relationship between genetic factors and the nature of responses to drugs.
3. The branch of genetics that studies the genetically determined variations in responses to drugs in humans or laboratory organisms.
phellogenetic, phellogenic
A reference to phellogen or a description of the cork cambium of woody stems, arising as a secondary meristem (plant tissue producing new cells) and giving rise to cork and phelloderm.
phenogenetics (pl) (noun) (a plural used as a singular)
The genetics of development.
philoprogenitive (adjective), more philoprogenitive, most philoprogenitive
1. Pertaining to being procreative, producing offspring; prolific: Judy’s philoprogenitive cat gives birth to litters of kittens every year.
2. Related to loving one's own offspring or all children in general: Sally didn't have any children of her own, however as a philoprogenitive aunt, she had her sister's children in her home as often as possible after school was over in the afternoon.
A tendency to produce and to love children.
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Originating in a vein.
phlogogenic, phlogogenous, phlogotic
1. Capable of causing an inflammatory response.
2. Producing or causing inflammation.
phobogenic, phobogenous (adjective); more phobogenic, most phobogenic; more phobogenous, most phobogenous
Regarding something that is induced or caused by fear: When Belinda saw the big dog running towards her, she was terrified and had phobogenic symptoms like sweating, a feeling of distress and panic, and her heart beat very fast!
The production of light, as by bioluminescence.
1. The regulation of a form by light, as in the induction of flowering in plants by a minimal period of daylight.
2. A reaction in which the plant sows changes in growth and development caused by visible light independent of photosynthesis.
phrontistogenic, phrontistogenous
Caused by anxiety.