geno-, gen-, genit-, gener-, -gen

(Greek > Latin: race, kind; line of descent; origin, creation; pertaining to sexual relations, reproduction, or heredity; and more recently, a gene or genes)

nosogenesis, nosogeny
Pathogenesis or the origin and development of a disease.
obesogenous (adjective), more obesogenous, most obesogenous
Regarding anything that promotes a person to be extremely fat: Jack's family had potato chips, carbonated drinks, beer, and chocolate in unlimited amounts in their home and consumed these foods many times during the day, all leading to obesogenous conditions among all the family members.
Controlled by a few genes responsible for major heritable changes.
A condition of having borne few children.
1. A gene that causes the transformation of normal cells into cancerous tumor cells, especially a viral gene that transforms a host cell into a tumor cell.
2. A gene that played a normal role in the cell as a proto-oncogene and that has been altered by mutation and now may contribute to the growth of a tumor.
3. A gene capable, under certain conditions, of causing the initial and continuing conversion of normal cells into cancer cells.
1. The causation or production of tumors.
2. The generation of or the process of tumor formation.
A reference to the cause, origin, or formation of tumors.
Arising in or originating from a tumor.
ontogeny, ontogenetic, ontogenetically
1. The course of development of an individual organism.
2. The history or science of the development of the individual being; embryology.
Ontogeny diagram of progress.

  1. Ontogeny: development of an individual from the moment the egg is fertilized up till adulthood.
  2. Opaque area: non-transparent part.
  3. Pellucid area: transparent part.
  4. Neural fold: fold related to the head.
  5. Neural tube: extension related to the head.
  6. Heart: blood-pumping organ.
  7. Somites: metameres.
  8. Omphalomesenteric arteries: vitelline duct.
  9. Wing buds: beginning of the formation of the wings.
  10. Limb buds: beginning of the formation of the legs.
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