geno-, gen-, genit-, gener-, -gen

(Greek > Latin: race, kind; line of descent; origin, creation; pertaining to sexual relations, reproduction, or heredity; and more recently, a gene or genes)

iconogenitor (s) (noun), iconogenitors (pl)
The originator or creator of an image or images: "An iconogenitor is considered to be an artist who provides icons for religious applications."
idiogenesis, idiogenetic
Spontaneous origin (as of a disease).
Peculiar to a particular race.
Produced by fire, or by the action of fire.
indigenous (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Descriptive of something that originates in and is naturally living, growing, or occurring in an area: Certain species of orchids are indigenous to Alaska and may not to be found in other parts of North America.

The indigenous people of the country are very proud of their heritage.

2. Etymology: from Late Latin indigenus, "born in a country, native"; from Latin indigena, "a native"; literally, "in-born person"; from Old Latin indu, "in, within" + gen-, root of gignere "to beget, to cause something to be created".
Growing and living naturally in a geographical area.
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Local inhabitants.
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Characterized by originally living or occurring naturally in an area or environment.
Producing equal amounts of vital energy.
1. Having identical genotypes.
2. Of a tissue graft, involving a genetically identical host and donor.
1. Of the same origin.
2. Used to describe bodily organs or parts that have the same or a similar origin.
Brought about by worry or anxiety.