gel-, gela-, gelati-, gelatino-, geli-, gelo-

(Latin: to freeze; frosting; cold; then, to congeal, and finally: gelatin)

Later it came to mean "to congeal"; having to do with "congealing" or with "gelatin, a protein derived from the partial hydrolysis of animal skin, connective tissue, and bone".

Don't confuse words from this Latin element with those from Greek gelo-, geloto-, meaning "laugh, laughing, laughter".

1. To convert into a jellylike mass.
2. To assume the character of a jelly; to become gelatinous.
Pertaining to or resembling gelatin; jellylike, gelatinous.
Dissolving or splitting up gelatin.
Gelatinous; said of portion of the nervous system.
1. Having a gelatinlike consistency that varies with moisture conditions; often a reference to a layer or part of a fungus.
2. Pertaining to or resembling gelatin; jellylike.
3. Of or pertaining to or characteristic of gelatin.
1. The property of having a viscosity like jelly.
2. Resembling gelatin; viscous.
3. Of, relating to, or containing gelatin.
1. Solidification by cold, freezing.
2. The process of gel formation.
3. The change of a colloid from a sol to a gel.
4. The process of becoming solid by cooling; a cooling and solidifying.
gelato (s), gelati (pl)
1. An Italian ice cream made from milk, gelatin, sugar, and fruit.
2. A rich ice cream, made with eggs and usually containing a relatively low percentage of butterfat.
gelato-ology, gelatoology
1. An Italian ice cream with almost no air and thereby denser than other ice creams.
2. The scientific study of the art, taste, and texture of gelato; in this case, an Italian ice cream or "ice".
An intermediate product in the hydrolysis of gelatin.
gelatripsy (not, gelotripsy)
The massaging (rubbing) away of indurated swellings.
gelicole (verb), gelicoles; gelicoled; gelicoling
Living in geloid soils having a crystalloid content of between 0.2 and 0.5 parts per thousand.

Geloid soil is characterized by low salt content, weak solutions, strokng colloidal properties and a crystalloid content of less than 0.5 parts per thousand.

gelicolous (adjective), more gelicolous, most gelicolous
gelid (adjective), more gelid, most gelid
1. Very cold; icy: Marilyn's gelid feet are starting to warm up now that she is standing near the fireplace.
2. Freezing, frosty: This is the most gelid day Jill and Jack have had so far this winter.
Very cold and icy.
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Frozen, cold, and icy.
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Very cold and frozen.
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The state of being gelid or very cold as a result of being in a cold environment.

Cross references of word families that are related directly or indirectly to "winter, freezing, frost, and/or cold": algid- (cold, chilly); cheimo-, chimo- (winter, cold); crymo-, krymo- (cold, chill, frost); cryo-, kryo-; (cold, freezing); hiber- (winter, wintry); pago- (cold, freezing); psychro- (cold); rhigo- (cold, frost; shiver).