gelo-, geloto-

(Greek: laugh, laughter, laughing)

Don't confuse words from this Greek element with those from Latin gel-, gelat-, gelati-, meaning "freeze; congeal; gelatin".

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gelotherapy, gelototherapy
The use of humor as a form of therapy in the treatment of illness by getting the patient to laugh.
1. Loss of muscle tone induced by laughter.
2. A sudden loss of muscle tone (cataplexy) caused by uproarious (loud and unrestrained) laughter.
gelotologist (s) (noun), gelotologists (pl) (gelatologist is incorrect)
1. A laughter researcher.
2. Someone who specializes in gelotology, the study of humor, laughter, and the exercising of the gelastic muscles, a deeply serious exploration of what happens to the physical systems; such as, respiration and circulation, when people are exposed to humor.

Gelotologists are serious people who study laughter, and they would be the first to tell you that the results of their research is very much a laughing matter.

gelotology (s) (noun)
1. A psychological and physiological study of laughter.
2. The study of humor and laughter, and its effects on the body.
A gauge for measuring laughter
misogelastic (adjective), more misogelastic, most misogelastic
Relating to an extreme hostility to or dislike of laughter: Olive always loved to laugh when anything exciting or funny happened and she didn't understood why any of her colleagues never took part in the cheery atmosphere; apparently, perhaps it was because they were misogelastic people, thinking that giggling or being cheerful distracted them from their work.