galacto-, galact-, -galaxy

(Greek: milk)

Literally, "milk tree" and generally known as a "cow tree".

A tree (Galactodendron utile or Brosimum Galactodendron) of South America, which when cut provides a "nourishing fluid" that is similar to milk.

galactophage, galactophagia, galactophagous, galactophagy
1. Subsisting on a milk diet or living on milk products only; milkfed.
2. A behavioral anomaly in which animals suck other than their own natural or foster mother.
Someone who consumes milk as a source of food.
Secretion and continued production of milk by the mammary glands.
Increasing the flow of milk; milk-producing. A galactopoietic substance.
1. Any white discharge from the nipple that is persistent and looks like milk.
2. Continued discharge of milk from the breasts between intervals of nursing or after the child has been weaned. Synonym: incontinence of milk, lactorrhea.
A white crystalline sugar found in certain plant gums and mucilages and one of the principal constituents of lactose, which is the main sugar of milk.
An autosomal recessive disorder clinically almost indistinguishable from sialidosis, type II, but due to deficiency of both sialidase and β-galactosidase. As in sialidosis, multiple variants occur, of increasing severity with decreasing age of onset; congenital, infantile, and juvenile forms have been identified. The defect appears to be in a protein necessary for activation or protection of the two enzymes.
galactostasis (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. An unusual amount of milk in the mammary glands: When Janet's dog had puppies, there were so few that galactostasis developed because there was just too much milk for just the few pups!
2. A surcease of the secretion of milk: After nursing her baby for 3 months, Mrs. Hathaway discovered that galactostasis had set in and she had to continue with a prepared dairy product from the bottle.
Treatment of disease by means of an exclusive or nearly exclusive milk diet; also, lactotherapy.

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