(Latin: a suffix; make, do, build, cause, produce)

1. To make fruitful or productive.
2. To become productive or fruitful, or to cause to become productive or fruitful.
gratify (verb), gratifies; gratified; gratifying
To satisfy, to give pleasure to, to please: Winning the tournament gratified Jim, the golf pro.

If something gratifies a person, it makes him or her feel wonderful because it fulfills his or her desires.

To satisfy or to please someone.
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horrify (verb), horrifies; horrified; horrifying
1. To cause someone to feel terror or fear: Greg horrified Mary and Sally at school with the snake that he had caught.
2. To cause an unpleasant surprise or perturbation to someone: "Norman, don't horrify your mother with such gruesome stories!"
3. To distress or to greatly dismay people: The company horrified its employees with the news that the lack of business would result in several people losing their jobs.
To make humid; that is, to make something, especially the air, more moist or damp.
ignify, ignifying
To set on fire, to cause to burn.
justify (verb), justifies; justified; justifying
1. To demonstrate or to prove that something is just, right, or valid: "There are some people who will commit illegal or indecent acts for a something that they believe in because they argue that the end justifies the means."
2. To declare free of blame; to absolve: "Eddie tried to justify his poor grade on the exam by claiming that he wasn't feeling well."
3. To demonstrate sufficient legal reason for an action taken.
4. In printing or typing text on the computer: "To adjust or to justify the spacing within lines in a document; for example, so that the lines end evenly as straight margins."
lapidify (luh PID duh figh") (verb), lapidifies; lapidified; lapidifying
To change or to turn organic matter into stone: The wood, which was cut into sections, seemed to lapidify, or petrify, becoming quite hard after a long time.
To change from loose sediments into solid rock.