(Latin: a suffix; make, do, build, cause, produce)

detoxify (verb), detoxifies; detoxified; detoxifying
devitrify (verb), devitrifies; devitrified; devitrifying
1. To change from a glassy to a crystalline state and become brittle and opaque, or to cause a material to do this.
2. To cause (a glassy material) to become crystalline and brittle.
3. With reference to a volcanic rock or to a particle; to undergo a change in texture from glassy to crystalline.
dignify (verb), dignifies; dignified; dignifying
1. To cause a situation to have a more serious and important quality: "Martin's wife was convinced that wearing formal clothing would help to dignify the special occasion."
2. To treat something or a person with respect or seriousness which is not deserved: "The politician said he would not dignify his opponent's slanderous remarks by responding to them."
To deprive of glory; to treat with indignity.
dissatisfy (verb), dissatisfies; dissatisfied; dissatisfying
To fail to meet the needs or desires of someone: James has been dissatisfied with his job and that is why he is looking for employment with another company.
domify (verb), domiues; domified; domifying
In astrology, to divide the heavens into twelve equal parts or "houses"; to locate the planets in their respective "houses": In order to produce a horoscope, the sky is domified into six great circles termed circles of position.
edify (verb), edifies; edified; edifying
1. To instruct especially so as to encourage intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement.
2. To improve someone's mind.
1. To charge which electricity.
2. Yo equip for the use of electric power; for example, some railroads once run by steam are now electrified. 4. To give an electric shock to.
5. To excite or to thrill.
To convert two or more liquids into an emulsion, or to become an emulsion.
etherify (verb), etherifies; etherified; etherifing
falsify (verb), falsifies; falsified; falsifying
1. To alter something in order to deceive or to make people believe that it is not true: Jane, who had been falsifying the financial accounts, was finally caught.
2. To misrepresent the facts in order to mislead: Mr. Blacksmith, the head of the company, falsified the amount of profits to the stockholders.
To make fruitful.
fortify, fortifies; fortified, fortifying (verbs)
1. To make a place less susceptible to attack by building or creating defensive structures: "The walls, ditches, and ramparts will all need to be fortified."
2. To strengthen or to reinforce the structure of something: "Because of the threat of flooding, efforts were being made to fortify the sea wall."
3. To add further ingredients to food or drink in order to improve its flavor or to add nutrients: "The food producer was fortifying its cereals with more vitamins."