(Latin: a suffix; make, do, build, cause, produce)

codify (verb), codifies; codified; codifying
crucify (verb), crucifies; crucified; crucifying
1. To put (a person) to death by nailing or binding to a cross.
2. To mortify or to subdue (the flesh).
3. To treat cruelly; torment; as, "They crucified the awkward child with teasing."
4. To criticize harshly; pillory: "The media crucified the politician for breaking a campaign pledge."
damnify (verb), damnifies; damnified; damnifying
deacidify (verb), deacidifies; deacidified; deacidifying
To remove the acid content from something or to reduce it: Wine can be decalcified by using malolactic fermentation.
decalcify (verb), decalcifies; decalcified; decalcifing
To remove calcium or calcium compounds from bones or teeth.
declassify (verb), declassifies; declassified; declassifying
To lift the restriction on something and to make it available again.
defy (verb), defies; defied; defying
1. To refuse to obey or to follow directions: Peggy defied her parents and got a job instead of going to school.
2. To challenge a person to do something difficult or impossible: James parents were defying him to get an "A" on his final exam in chemistry.
3. To be told that there is something that cannot be done: Jim's football team defied the odds and won the championship game.
To resist completely in a baffling way.
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dehumidify (verb), dehumidifies; dehumidified; dehumidifying
1. To remove excess humidity (moisture) from the air in a room or a building.
2. To make less humid or to remove atmospheric moisture from something or a place.
deify (verb), defies; deified; deifying
1. To make someone into a god.
2. To honor or adore someone or something as if he, she, or it were divine.
demagnify (verb), demagnifies; demagnified; demagnifying
To make something smaller or less important: Jim's failures of achieving the assignments given to him by his supervisor at work on Monday have been demagnified because they were completed the following Wednesday with the help of Caron, his co-worker.
demulcify (verb), demulcifies; demulcified; demulcifying
1. To smooth and to soothe the body.
2. Allaying the irritation of body's surface.
demulsify (verb), demulsifies; demulsified; demulsifying
To break an emulsion down permanently into its components, or to be broken down permanently.
demystify (verb), demystifies; demystified; demystifying
1. To make less mysterious; to clarify.
2. To remove the mystery surrounding something; for example, by explaining it in simple language.
demythify (verb), demythifies; demythified; demythifying
To deprive of mythical character; to remove the aura of reverence, sentimentality, etc.
densify (verb), densifies; densified; densifying
To impregnate (wood) with additives under heat and pressure in order to achieve greater density and hardness.