(Latin: a suffix; make, do, build, cause, produce)

codify (verb), codifies; codified; codifying
crucify (verb), crucifies; crucified; crucifying
1. To put (a person) to death by nailing or binding to a cross.
2. To mortify or to subdue (the flesh).
3. To treat cruelly; torment; as, "They crucified the awkward child with teasing."
4. To criticize harshly; pillory: "The media crucified the politician for breaking a campaign pledge."
damnify (verb), damnifies; damnified; damnifying
deacidify (verb), deacidifies; deacidified; deacidifying
To remove the acid content from something or to reduce it.
decalcify (verb), decalcifies; decalcified; decalcifing
To remove calcium or calcium compounds from bones or teeth.
declassify (verb), declassifies; declassified; declassifying
To lift the restriction on something and to make it available again.
defy (verb), defies; defied; defying
1. To refuse to obey or to follow directions: Peggy defied her parents and got a job instead of going to school.
2. To challenge a person to do something difficult or impossible: James parents were defying him to get an "A" on his final exam in chemistry.
3. To be told that there is something that cannot be done: Jim's football team defied the odds and won the championship game.
To resist completely in a baffling way.
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dehumidify (verb), dehumidifies; dehumidified; dehumidifying
1. To remove excess humidity (moisture) from the air in a room or a building.
2. To make less humid or to remove atmospheric moisture from something or a place.
deify (verb), defies; deified; deifying
1. To make someone into a god.
2. To honor or adore someone or something as if he, she, or it were divine.
demagnify (verb), demagnifies; demagnified; demagnifying
A reference to a lens, etc.; to make smaller.
demulcify (verb), demulcifies; demulcified; demulcifying
1. To smooth and to soothe the body.
2. Allaying the irritation of body's surface.
demulsify (verb), demulsifies; demulsified; demulsifying
To break an emulsion down permanently into its components, or to be broken down permanently.
demystify (verb), demystifies; demystified; demystifying
1. To make less mysterious; to clarify.
2. To remove the mystery surrounding something; for example, by explaining it in simple language.
demythify (verb), demythifies; demythified; demythifying
To deprive of mythical character; to remove the aura of reverence, sentimentality, etc.
densify (verb), densifies; densified; densifying
To impregnate (wood) with additives under heat and pressure in order to achieve greater density and hardness.