form-, -form, forma-, format-

(Latin: shape, structure, figure, outer appearance, composition, to compose; visual appearance; spacial arrangement; to develop or to acquire; to produce)

1. Having the form of a duct or tube.
2. Shaped like a vas or tubular structure.
3. Having the appearance of a vessel.
4. Having the shape of a vase.
The process by which a structure assumes the appearance of a vessel or duct.
1. In the form of or resembling a minute projection; a villus.
2. Having the form of a villus or of villi.
3. Shaped and set so as to resemble the pile of velvet; such as, the teeth of certain fishes.
1. Having the form or appearance of glass.
2. Resembling glass; glasslike.
zosteriform (adjective), more zosteriform, most zosteriform
1. Shaped like a girdle or belt: Jane thought that her rash had a zosteriform appearance and so she went to the doctor to have it examined.
2. Resembling herpes zoster: The skin eruption on her arm was very strange and so, after Dr. Smart examined it, he said it was a zosteriform inflammation which needed immediate attention.

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