for-, fora- +

(Latin: bore, pierce, make holes; hole, holes; opening, openings,)

One who, or that which, perforates or makes holes in something.
posterior foramen (s), posterior foramina (pl) (nouns)
The opening in an insect's head that goes to the thoracic cavity (part of an insect’s body where its legs and wings are joined): "The entomologist was studying the various posterior foramina of insects to classify the differences between one species and the others."
sciatic foramen, sacrosciatic foramen (s); sciatic foramina, sacrosciatic foramina (pl) (nouns)
Either of two foramina on each side of the pelvis that are formed by the hip bone: "The sacrospinous ligament, and the sacrotuberous ligament which form a passage from the pelvis to the gluteal area (buttock region formed by the gluteal muscles) and the peroneal regions (outer parts of the legs below the knees)."