folio-, foli-, folii-

(Latin: leaf, leaves; a plant's device for intercepting light, obtaining and storing water and nutrients, exchanging gases, and providing a process for photosynthesis)

With many leaves.
paucifoliate (verb), paucifoliates; paucifoliated; paucifoliating
pemphigus foliaceus
Pemphigus with a chronic course and in which bullous lesions may be absent.

Once lesions develop they may spread to the entire body and mimic generalized exfoliative dermatitis (scaling and itching of the skin and the loss of hair). The positive Nikolsky's sign helps to make the correct diagnosis.

Around a leaf margin.
portfolio (s) (noun), portfolios (pl)
1. A flat briefcase for keeping loose sheets of paper, prints, drawings, maps, music, photographs, etc.: Some artists present portfolios of their work to people who might be willing to buy or to exhibit their artwork.
2. Investments that are owned by someone or an organization: The investment manager spent some time discussing Janet's retirement portfolio with her.

In the phrase, "without portfolio" when referring to a government minister, it means that he is not in charge of a specific department of state; or, in other words, he is a "Minister without Portfolio".
3. Etymology, from Italian portafoglio, "a case for carrying loose papers"; from porta, portare, "to carry" + foglio, "sheet, leaf," from Latin folio, folium, "leaf".

Quercus agrifolia
A highly variable, often shrubby, evergreen oak on the coastal zone of western North America having small thick usually spiny-toothed dark-green leaves.
trifoliate, trifoliated, trifoliolate
Having three leaves or leaflets.