-fer, -ferous

(Latin: to bear, to carry; to produce; to bring)

vociferous (adjective), more vociferous, most vociferous
1. Pertaining to noisy and loud shouting: When the salesclerk at the department store refused to give the vociferous customer a refund for a defected watch, the manager settled the conflict by replacing it with a new one.

The citizens have been making vociferous demands that something be done to speed up the repair of the damaged bridge that connects two cities across the river from each other.

2. A special reference to a speech which is uproarious and rowdy: The mayor's vociferous opposition to increasing taxes during his debate on TV has resulted in his being re-elected for another term in office.
Descriptive of making a loud outcry.
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Characteristic of being very noisy.
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Relating to making a loud and vociferous opposition to an action.
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vociferously (adverb), more vociferously, most vociferously
In a manner that is argumentative and out of control: The detainees of the prison, Ray and Gordon, vociferously demanded that they be allowed to speak to the warden.
vociferousness (s) (noun) (usually no plural)
A vehement and furious outcry: An extreme vociferousness rose from the crowd as the unpopular politician tried to speak.

Cross references of word families related to "bear, carry, bring": duc-; ger-; later-, -lation; phoro-; port-.