-fend, fend-, fen-

(Latin: ward off, to ward off, strike, keep off, guard, protect; from fendere [found only in compounded words])

defensive (adjective), more defensive, most defensive
defensively (adverb), more defensively, most defensively
fence (s) (noun), fences (pl)
fence (verb), fences; fenced; fencing
fencer (s) (noun), fencers (pl)
fencing (s) (noun), fencings (pl)
fend (verb), fends; fended; fending
fender (s) (noun), fenders (pl)
inoffensive (adjective), more inoffensive, most inoffensive
inoffensively (adverb), more inoffensively, most inoffensively
inoffensiveness (s) (noun) (usually not used in the plural)
offend (verb), offends; offended; offending
offendedly (adverb), more offendedly, most offendedly
offender (s) (noun), offenders (pl)
offense (s) (noun), offenses (pl)