fem-, femi-

(Latin: woman, women; not masculine: neither man nor men)

The quality or state of being feminine; womanliness; referring to a woman, womanish.
The quality or condition of a woman; womanliness.
Womankind; a "set" of women; especially, the Amazons; also, the country of the Amazons.
Peculiar to a woman; feminine.
The character or disposition peculiar to a woman; womanliness, womanishness.
feminine: female
1. Of persons or animals: belonging to the female sex; female.
2. Characteristic of, peculiar, or proper to women; womanlike, womanly.
3. In the same sense, of objects to which sex is attributed, or which have feminine names; especially, one of the heavenly bodies.
4. Of or pertaining to a woman, or to women; consisting of women; carried on by women.
5. Characteristic of, peculiar or proper to women; womanlike, womanly.
6. In grammar, a word indicating the feminine, or female, gender.
7. To make feminine; to weaken; effeminate (considered to be obsolete).
8. Feminism is from about 1851, but meant at first "state of being feminine".
feminineness: woman
The state or quality of being feminine; womanliness.
1. The state of being feminine.
2. A feminine or woman's word or expression.
femininitude (FEM uh ni tood"; FEM uh ni tyood") (s) (noun), femininitudes (pl)
The characteristic quality of women; womanishness: When Deborah gave her talk to the ladies at the cosmetic convention, she presented many examples to describe her femininitude; for example, softness, gentleness, delicacy and muliebrity or the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for the female gender.
femininity, feminity
Feminine quality; the characteristic quality or assemblage of qualities pertaining to the female sex, womanliness; in early use also, female nature.
To make (a word) feminine, to give a feminine form to.
1. The qualities of females.
2. In pathology, the development of female secondary sexual characteristics in a male.
3. Advocacy of the rights of women (based on the theory of equality of the sexes).
feminist, feministic, femininistic
1. Of or pertaining to feminism, or to women.
2. An advocate of feminism.
1. The action of making feminine.
2. The giving of a feminine inflexion to a word.
3. The process by which a condition or activity becomes especially or increasingly associated with women; as in the phrase, feminization of poverty. Originally and chiefly a U.S. term.
4. In bioloby, the assumption of female sexual characteristics (by a male animal or plant); the occurrence of female sexual characteristics in a person who is genetically male.
feminize, feminized, feminizing
1. To render feminine; to become feminine.
2. To make feminine or womanish; to give a feminine cast to (a description).
3. To become or grow feminine.
4. In bioloby, to induce female sexual characteristics in.

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