fac-, facil-, fact-, feas-, -feat, -fect, -feit, -facient, -faction, -fic-, -fy, -ficate, -fication

(Latin: to make, to do, to build, to cause, to produce; forming, shaping)

deficiency (s) (noun), deficiencies (pl)
deficit (s) (noun), deficits (pl)
dehumidify (verb), dehumidifies; dehumidified; dehumidifying
1. To remove excess humidity (moisture) from the air in a room or a building.
2. To make less humid or to remove atmospheric moisture from something or a place.
1. Making someone divine or giving him/her the status of a god or goddess.
2. With a divine nature or the status of a god or goddess.
1. The action or process of making someone a god or goddess.
2. The condition of having been made a god or goddess.
1. Someone who makes a god of or who raises to the condition of a god.
2. Someone who worships or reveres as a god; such as, deifying a leader.
3. Anyone who idealizes or exalts.
deify (verb), defies; deified; deifying
1. To make someone into a god.
2. To honor or adore someone or something as if he, she, or it were divine.
demagnify (verb), demagnifies; demagnified; demagnifying
To make something smaller or less important: Jim's failures of achieving the assignments given to him by his supervisor at work on Monday have been demagnified because they were completed the following Wednesday with the help of Caron, his co-worker.
devitrification, devitrifiable
1. The act or process of devitrifying, or the state of being devitrified; specifically, the conversion of molten glassy matter into a stony mass by slow cooling, the result being the formation of crystallites, microbites, etc, in the glassy base, which are then called devitrification products.
2. The process whereby glass becomes partly crystallized as it cools (usually too slowly) from the molten state.
3. The crystals formed by this process.

Devitrification may also occur on the surface as a result of unsuccessful annealing* or accidental heating to a high temperature. It is not caused by chemical reaction between glass and its environment, which is known as weathering.

*Annealing refers to the process of slowly cooling a completed object in an auxiliary part of a glass furnace, or in a separate furnace.

This is an integral part of glassmaking because if a hot glass object is allowed to cool too quickly, it will be highly strained by the time it reaches room temperature; indeed, it may break as it cools. Highly strained glasses break easily if subjected to mechanical or thermal shock.

devitrify (verb), devitrifies; devitrified; devitrifying
1. To change from a glassy to a crystalline state and become brittle and opaque, or to cause a material to do this.
2. To cause (a glassy material) to become crystalline and brittle.
3. With reference to a volcanic rock or to a particle; to undergo a change in texture from glassy to crystalline.