fac-, facil-, fact-, feas-, -feat, -fect, -feit, -facient, -faction, -fic-, -fy, -ficate, -fication

(Latin: to make, to do, to build, to cause, to produce; forming, shaping)

unjustified (adjective)
1. Lacking justification or authorization.
2. Shown to have no good or just reason or explanation. 3. Not arranged evenly in such a way that the ends of the lines on a page do not form a straight vertical line parallel to the margin.
unprofitable (adjective), more unprofitable, most unprofitable
1. Affording no financial gain in a business or activity: Jack's parents thought that the idea he had of starting a small taco shop would be unprofitable in the little village they lived in.
2. Not possible of serving a useful purpose: The conversation Mr. Smith had with his colleague was totally unprofitable and didn't help him along with his project.
unprofitably (adverb), more unprofitably, most unprofitably
1. Descriptive of how a business or industry does not make any financial growth: The large airplanes were flying unprofitably by transporting only a few people overseas during the coronavirus pandemic.
2. Regarding of how an activity or effort does not produce a helpful and effective outcome: Jane hoped that her day would proceed as she had planned, but it turned out to be unprofitably spent with sleeping the whole day!
unsatisfactorily (adverb), more unsatisfactorily, most unsatisfactorily
unsatisfactory (adjective), more unsatisfactory, most unsatisfactory
A reference to being unacceptable because of not being good enough: JoAnn found herself in an unsatisfactory situation when she couldn't start her car because of a dead battery.
unscientific (adjective), more unscientific, most unscientific
1. Relating to not adhering to the principles of science: Unscientific research is a process that results when someone is not consistent or logical when he or she is investigating something and not acquiring the proper results.
2. Characteristic of lacking sufficient knowledge about scientific methods: George's unscientific processes were done in illogical ways while he was investigating and striving to acquire an understanding about the animals that exist in the forest.
unscientifically (adverb), more unscientifically, most unscientifically
A reference to research that is not following, nor compatible, with the methods and principles of science: Adam unscientifically conducted a biological research about fish in the lake near his residence.
verifiable (adjective), more verifiable, most verifiable
1. Capable of being confirmed; provable: The verifiable and attestable document was accepted by the officials.
2. Susceptible to being tested by observation or experimentation: The demonstrations the students prepared for the biology class were verifiable, because they were all proven to have the exact same results.
verifiably (adverb), more verifiably, most verifiably
Pertaining to how something can be proven: Jane's high school diploma showed verifiably what grades she received in the subjects she took.

Mary's birth certificate, which showed her date of birth and where she was born, was definitely and verifiably true!

1. The establishment of the truth or correctness of something by investigation or evidence.
2. The evidence that proves something true or correct.
3. In law, an affidavit swearing to the accuracy of a pleading.
The view that every meaningful proposition is capable of being shown to be true or false.