fac-, facil-, fact-, feas-, -feat, -fect, -feit, -facient, -faction, -fic-, -fy, -ficate, -fication

(Latin: to make, to do, to build, to cause, to produce; forming, shaping)

certifiable (adjective), more certifiable, most certifiable
1. Capable of being authentic, valid, or qualified: Jackie received her graduation certificate as being certifiable after passing all the qualifications and tests successfully.
2. Legally, or medically, declared to be affected by a psychiatric disorder: Sometimes a person can be so deranged mentally and uncontrollable that he or she is certifiable and insane and is committable to a special institution and treated accordingly.
certificate (s) (noun), certificates (pl)
1. An authorized record that gives proof and details of something; for example, personal status, educational achievements, ownership, or authenticity: James Jones earned his teaching certificate this year and he will be teaching in the local high school this coming Fall.
2. A written statement that is awarded to someone who, or something; that has passed a test or conformation that a requirement has been met: Matt has a certificate of ownership for his new car.
certificate (suhr TIF i kayt") (verb), certificates; certificated; certificating
To authorize or to provide a valid document that declares something to be true or to be a proven fact: Jim's daughter, Leslie, has been certificated by the hospital with her name, date, and place of birth.
certification (s) (noun), certifications (pl)
1. Validating the authenticity of something or someone.
2. A document attesting to the truth of certain stated facts.
3. A confirmation that some fact or statement is true.
4. Etymology: from Old French certifier, "make certain"; from Late Latin certificare, from Latin certus + a form of the root facere, "to make, do".
certifier (s) (noun), certifiers )pl)
Someone who guarantees or assures.
certify (verb), certifies; certified; certifying
1. To state or confirm that something is true or correct: The document has been certified by the court.
2. To declare that someone or something has passed a test or achieved a certain standard: The car dealer certifies each car before it is delivered to the buyer.
3. In banking, to indicate on a check that there are sufficient funds to guarantee payment.
chafe, chafes, chafed, chafing (verbs)
1. To warm something, especially the hands or other parts of the body, by rubbing.
2. Warmth, wear, or soreness produced by friction.
3. To annoy, irritate, or provoking someone.
4. To become sore or worn by rubbing, or to make something sore or worn in this way.
5. To rub something, causing friction.
6. Etymology: from Latin calefacere, "to make hot, to make warm"; from calere, "to be warm".
1. A container for heating water; hence, a dish or a pan.
2. Someone who chafes.
clarify (verb), clarifies; clarified; clarifying
classifiable (adjective) (not comparable)
Possessing the faculty of being categorised or catalogued: All the new books on the table are classifiable and to be arranged on correctly on the shelves.