fac-, facil-, fact-, feas-, -feat, -fect, -feit, -facient, -faction, -fic-, -fy, -ficate, -fication

(Latin: to make, to do, to build, to cause, to produce; forming, shaping)

1. Something that is done by a large amount, or in a way that is easily noticeable: "Those who smoke cigarettes have a significantly greater risk of developing lung cancer than people who don't smoke."
2. Done in a way which is large or important enough to be noticed or to have an effect: "The store down the street sold the book for a significantly lower price than this one here."
3. That which is done in a way that has a special or hidden meaning: "Her mother glanced significantly in her son's direction when she said that someone had not done his homework."
1. The meaning of something; such as, a word, an event, or some other phenomenon: "The signification of a good vocabulary is an integral part of one's future vocational success."
2. Evidence for the existence of something: "Traffic lights are a signification of how important they are for the orderly movements of motor vehicles in cities."
simplify (verb), simplifies; simplified; simplifying
1. To make something easier to do or to understand: "The new software for the computer should simplify the process of creating new programs."
2. To reduce in complexity or extent: "Some people believe that microwave ovens have simplified cooking."
somnifacient (s) (noun), somnifacients (pl)
A pharmaceutical agent or drug that causes a person to sleep.
soporiferous (adjective), more soporiferous, most soporiferous
A reference to inducing or promoting a deep or a profound slumber.