fac-, facil-, fact-, feas-, -feat, -fect, -feit, -facient, -faction, -fic-, -fy, -ficate, -fication

(Latin: to make, to do, to build, to cause, to produce; forming, shaping)

Causing the erection of the penis.
justifiable (adjective)
justifiably (adverb)
justification (s) (noun), justifications (pl)
justifier (s) (noun), justifiers (pl)
Someone who, or that which, provides an acceptable explanation of something.
justify (verb), justifies; justified; justifying
1. To demonstrate or to prove that something is just, right, or valid: "There are some people who will commit illegal or indecent acts for a something that they believe in because they argue that the end justifies the means."
2. To declare free of blame; to absolve: "Eddie tried to justify his poor grade on the exam by claiming that he wasn't feeling well."
3. To demonstrate sufficient legal reason for an action taken.
4. In printing or typing text on the computer: "To adjust or to justify the spacing within lines in a document; for example, so that the lines end evenly as straight margins."
magnifiable (adjective); more magnifiable, most magnifiable
Descriptive of being increased in size or being bigger or greater: Jack and his family have magnifiable health problems because of the unsanitary living conditions in which they are living.

Helen's successful handling of the business assignment that her supervisor gave her has made her salary increase more magnifiable than it did before.

magnification (s) (noun), magnifications (pl)
1. The apparent enlargement of an object as seen through a lens, objective, etc.: The magnification of an image formed by an optical instrument can be perceived in greater size by the eyes.
2. The amplification or enlargement of an idea, event, etc.: Jack's article for his newspaper included magnifications of the many inconsistencies presented by President Trump during his time in office.
magnificence (noun), magnificences (pl)
1. Glory; greatness of nature or reputation: When the tourists entered the cathedral, they were astounded at the magnificence of the huge church and the long history it had.
2. A title of respect applied to a monarch or other imposing and eminent person, used with a possessive adjective: In the play at school, the king was addressed by the peasant girl who said, "Your Magnificence, may I ask a favour?"
3. Splendor or sumptuousness of surroundings, adornments, etc.; majesty or grandness on display: On the tour inside the palace, the family was speechless at the brilliance and lavishness of the walls, furniture, and greatness of the living quarters of the former kings and queens.
4. Grandeur or imposing beauty of language, speech, music, etc.: The magnificence of the mosaic on the floors, walls and ceiling of the church certainly could not be surpassed!
5. Great liberality: Magnificence is said to be shown on the part of some rulers of people.
magnificent (adjective); more magnificent, most magnificent
1. A reference to an immaterial thing which is imposing, exalted, sublime: While making plans for the project, Bruce had a magnificent and brilliant idea which all of those present really liked!
2. A reference to a person, personal attribute, etc.; characterized by greatness of achievement or by conduct befitting a high position: The term Magnificent (from post-classical Latin magnificus) was used in titles to designate a particular distinguished ruler or any other distinguished person, for example Lorenzo the Magnificent.
3. Characterizing a person with grandeur and stateliness who displays wealth with ceremonial pomp: Mary's magnificent aunt was very well-to-do and affluent and had big parties for her relatives and friends with an orchestra, fantastic food, and professional entertainment for her guests.
4. Sumptuously constructed or decorated; also imposingly beautiful and splendid: The villa that Jane's friend bought was absolutely magnificent, with a beautiful and well-kept garden and a large swimming pool, and inside it was elegantly and strikingly furnished.
5. Characterized by expenditure or munificence on a great scale; extremely lavish: Grace's father won in the Lottery and donated a magnificent amount for the poor in the city.
6. Describing something which expresses enthusiasm or admiration; excellent, splendid, fine: The musical Tim and Susan went to see was totally magnificent because the music, dancing and acting was brilliant!
7. Referring to birds having an imposing or splendid appearance: The bird of paradise is termed the magnificent riflebird (Craspedophora magnifica) in Britain.