-esce, -escent, -escence

(Latin: beginning to be, becoming; to be somewhat; a suffix that forms nouns and adjectives)

effervescent (s) (adjective), more effervescent, most effervescent
Referring to something that has the actions of rising in bubbles.
Beginning to break out or to burst forth into flowers or blossoms.
Breaking out into flowers.
The action or process of developing and unfolding as if coming into flower.
electroluminescent (adjective) (not comparable)
A descriptive term for the generation of illumination that is excited by the applications of an electric field to a system, usually in the solid state, which are systems that can be made very thin, resulting in thin-panel area effulgence sources and flat screens to replace cathode-ray tubes for electronic displays and image formations: The guarantee for Norbert's new flat screen TV said it employed the most electroluminescent system for generating brightness known to industry.
electrostatic coalescence
1. The coalescence of cloud drops (merging of two or more water drops into a single larger drop) resulting from the electrostatic attractions between drops of opposite charges.
2. The coalescence of two cloud or rain drops brought about by polarization effects resulting from an external electric field.
erubescence (s) (noun)
A condition of redness or of being red from blushing: "When given an extravagant compliment, Helen’s face became very erubescence."
erubescent (adjective), more erubescent, most erubescent
Descriptive of something that is reddening or blushing: "After being in the sun for hours, Hans had the most erubescent face that his wife had ever seen."
evanescent (adjective), more evanescent, most evanescent
1. Pertaining to vanishing, tending to vanish or likely to vanish; like vapor.
2. Descriptive of fading away; fleeting.
3. Referring to a tendency of becoming unseen or lacking understanding.
Vanishing or fading away from sight.
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Fleeting or likely to disappear.
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exacerbescence (s) (noun) (no pl)
The state of showing violence or bitterness; an irritation; exacerbation: Periods of exacerbescense came usually at night when Nancy's mother suffered more and more from the incurable disease.
excrescent (adjective)
1. Added to or growing out unnecessarily.
2. Growing out abnormally, excessively, or superfluously.
3. In biology, relating to outgrowth; such as, relating to or like an outgrowth on an organism.
4. Denoting, relating to, or resembling an abnormal outgrowth.
fervescence (s) (noun), fervescences (pl)
An increase in body temperature above normal; a fever.
fervescent (adjective), more fervescent, most fervescent
Relating to growing hot.
Turning yellow; yellowish.