equ-, equi-

(Latin: same, similar, even, uniform, identical; fair)

Don't confuse this unit with another equ- unit meaning horse.

partes aequales; part. aeq.
Equal parts or in equal parts.
Quam inique comparatum est! Hiqui minus habent ut semper aliquid addant divitioribus.
How unjust is fate! That they who have but little should be always adding to the abundance of the rich.
solar energy equivalent
A statement of the amount of energy received from the sun in terms of some conventional energy unit; such as, kilowatt-hours, barrels of oil, tons of coal, etc.; used to describe the relative ability of solar energy to fulfill contemporary energy requirements as compared to fossil fuel sources.
thermal equilibrium
1. A state in which all parts of a system are at the same temperature.
2. The condition under which two substances in physical contact with each other exchange no heat energy.
1. Poorly balanced or matched in quantity, value, or measure; not equal in amount.
2. Not of the same status, rank, or position in society.
3. Not evenly matched in competition.
4. Uneven or variable in quality or character.
1. Not of the same measurement, quantity, or number as another.
2. Not like or not the same as another in degree, worth, or status.
unequivocal (adjective), more unequivocal, most unequivocal
1. Concerning a matter having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to a single conclusion: Jack asked Jill if she would marry him, and she responded in an unequivocal way, “Yes, yes, yes!"
2. Relating to a situation which is not subject to conditions or exceptions; allowing for no doubt or misinterpretation: Since Tim spelled all the words correctly in the test, it was unequivocal that he had 100% and received the best grade possible!
3. Pertaining to a statement, a question, a comment, etc. which is expressed in a clear and specific way: The explanations of how to use the coffee machine were very explicit and unequivocal; so, the user would make no mistake in making a cup of the beverage for himself or herself.
A reference to being sincere and clear.
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unequivocally (adverb), more unequivocally, most unequivocally
1. Marked by doing or saying something in an unambiguous and definite manner: Shirley responded unequivocally that she was never going to go to a boxing match with Ralph since she hated that sport.
2. Characterized by leaving no doubt, being clear and having no uncertainty: When Jane, who was 10 years old, asked her mother if she could stay out until midnight, her mother unequivocally and explicitly said, “No way!"
unequivocalness (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. Clarity achieved by the avoidance of expressions whose meanings cannot be determined by their contents: In courtrooms unequivocalness is required by all judges who insist that testimonies be very precise and exact at all times.
2. A sincere feeling that is presented in speech or behavior: The principal of the school was known for his unequivocalness and preciseness and so he was respected by all the teachers and students.

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