encephalo-, encephal-

(Greek: brain; that which is inside the head)

I use not only all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.
—Woodrow Wilson
A condition in which equally conjoined twins have two bodies and a single head.
A cystic cavity formation in both the brain and spinal cord.
A cystic cavity formation (space within a tissue or organ filled with fluid or other material), of varied etiology or causes, within the substance of the brain.
1. The embryologic process in the later stages of vertebrate neurulation during which the telencephalon develops as a distinct part of the prosencephalon.
2. The evolutionary process by which the control of motor functions or the representation of sensory modalities becomes progressively transferred to higher centers in the brain.
telencephalon, telencephal, telencephalic
1. The anterior subdivision of the primary forebrain that develops into olfactory lobes, cerebral cortex, and corpora striata.
2. The anterior portion of the forebrain, constituting the cerebral hemispheres and related parts of the hypothalamus. Also called endbrain.