electro-, electr-, electri-

(Greek > Latin: electric, electricity; from amber, resembling amber, generated from amber which when rubbed vigorously [as by friction], produced the effect of static electricity)

Electronics in our lives consists of numerous tools

Equipment which we use everyday relies on electronics to function including calculators, car controls, cameras, washing machines, medical scanners, mobile telephones, radar systems, computers; as well as many other applications or devices which are listed in this unit.

1. An elastic deformation produced by an electric field, independent of the polarity of the field.
2. A description of an acoustic tool in which its operation is based on the energy produced by the change in dimensions of an electrostrictive material; such as, barium titinate.
electrostrictive effect
The elastic deformation of a dielectric by an electrostatic field.
electrostrictive relay
A relay the operation of which is produced by an electrostrictive-dielectric actuator.
1. The surgical use of electricity for cutting desiccation, and coagulation; usually, by applying radio-frequency current to a blade or wire loop.
2. Surgery performed with various electric instruments which operate on high-frequency electric currents.
3. The use of electricity to perform surgical procedures; such as, the use of electricity to simultaneously cut tissue and to stop or decrease bleeding.
4. Medical surgery which is performed using an active electrode in the form of a disk, bulb, or needle.
A reference to electrosurgery or the use of electric currents during surgical procedures.
electrosurgical knife
A medical instrument, provided with tips of various shapss, which operate on a high-frequency electric current that divides tissues and provides a degree of hemostasis (stopping bleeding).
electrosurgical needle
A surgical needle with high-frequency electric current which is capable of coagulating or cutting bodily tissue.
electrosurgical unit
An radio frequency generator, the output of which is applied to a blade or wire loop used instead of a conventional scalpel for surgical incisions or excisions.
1. The use of electricity to synthesize or to process compounds by building up a complex compound with the union of simpler compounds or elements of chemical compounds.
2. The process of producing a compound by a chemical reaction or series of reactions, usually from simpler or commonly available starting materials that are induced by an electric current flow in an electrochemical cell.
An electronic distance measuring tool.
electrotaxis, electrotactic
1. The movement of cells and organisms toward or away from an electrical current stimulus.
2. The movement of cells or organisms in response to electric current.

It can be either negative, when movement is toward the anode, or positive, when movement is toward the cathode.

1. Having to do with electrotechnology or the science that deals with the practical applications of electricity.
2. The study or science of practical and industrial applications of electricity.
Someone who studies, specializes in, and is skilled in the field of electrotechnology.
1. A reference to electrotechnology or the practical applications of electricity.
2. The science of the methods, proceses, and operations by which electricity is applied in the industrial arts.
1. The study or science of practical and industrial applications of electricity.
2. The technological use of electric power.
3. A branch of engineering concerned with the practical applications of electricity in all its forms, including those of electronics.

Electrotechnology deals with wire and radio communication, the stored-program electronic computer, radar, and automatic control systems.

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