electro-, electr-, electri-

(Greek > Latin: electric, electricity; from amber, resembling amber, generated from amber which when rubbed vigorously [as by friction], produced the effect of static electricity)

Electronics in our lives consists of numerous tools

Equipment which we use everyday relies on electronics to function including calculators, car controls, cameras, washing machines, medical scanners, mobile telephones, radar systems, computers; as well as many other applications or devices which are listed in this unit.

electronic brain
A complex electronic computer, usually of the digital type.
electronic breath meter, electronic-breath meter
A type of monitor which is used to check a person's blood alcohol level as he or she blows through the mouthpiece of the meter.

The breath meter automatically measures the amount of alcohol which is present in one's body as the display signals whether the blood alcohol level is at or near the legal limit for driving.

electronic bulletin board
A computerized communication system that allows users to compose and store information to be retrieved by other users of the system.
electronic calculating-punch machine (s) (noun), electronic calculating-punch machines (pl)
A card-handling device that reads a hole in a card: An electronic calculating-punch machine performs a number of sequential operations, as well as indicating the results on the card.
electronic calculator
1. A device in which transistors perform mathematical calculations and utilize light-emitting diodes or liquid crystals to display the results.
2. A small, often pocket-sized, electronic instrument used to perform the basic operations of mathematical calculations.
3. An electronic tool for arithmetic and logarithmic computations which may also include a digital printer and a computer.
4. A calculator in which integrated circuits perform calculations and show the results on a digital display.

Most basic models provide all four arithmetic operations (+, -, x, รท), usually with a floating decimal.

electronic camouflage
1. The use of electronic properties to minimize or to negate the presence of echoes in a radar system.
2. The use of electronic means, or exploitations of electronic characteristics to reduce, to submerge, or to eliminate the radar echoing properties of a target.
electronic carburetor
A fuel-metering actuator in which the air/fuel ratio is controlled by continual variations of the metering rod position in response to an electronic control signal.
electronic carillon
A carillon which uses electric and electronic circuits to generate, to amplify, and to reproduce musical tones approximating those of bells.

A carillon is a musical instrument which is usually housed in a free-standing bell tower, or the belfry of a church, or other municipal building.

electronic cash register, ECR
1. A register with a component which scans the symbols on a package label, then converts them to a digital format in order to indicate the item price and, in some situations, maintain a record of sales and inventories as utilized in retail stores.
2. A system for automatically checking out purchased goods from retail food stores, consisting of a device that scans packages and reads symbols imprinted on the labels, and a computer which converts the symbol information to tell a cash register the price of the item.

The computers are also equipped to keep records of sales and inventories.

electronic charge
The quantity of charge represented or possessed by one electron.
electronic chart reader
1. An input device which can scan curves from a continuous paper feed and convert them to digital data.
2. An instrument that scans curves by a graphical recorder on a continuous paper form and converts them into digital form.
electronic chart, digital chart
A navigational chart encoded in a computer-usable format and used, in combination with electronic devices, to produce a computer-generated video display that provides the navigator with an accurate pictorial presentation of the information normally gathered from a paper chart.
electronic chimes
A set of tubular chimes actuated by strikers electromagnetically controlled from a keyboard.

The resulting sounds are picked up, amplified, and reproduced by loudspeakers.

electronic church
In the U.S., religious television programs of a church or evangelistic service designed for mass audiences, usually conducted by preachers of great personal appeal.
electronic cinematography
Cinematography using an electronic video camera to create a videotape that can be viewed on a monitor, edited electronically, and transferred to film for motion-picture projectors.

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A cross reference of word units that are related, directly and/or indirectly, with "electricity": galvano-; hodo-; ion-; piezo-; -tron; volt; biomechatronics, info; mechatronics, info.