alcoholo-, alcohol-, alcoho-

(Arabic > Latin: alcohol, originally an "essence or very fine powder")

A finely pulverized antimony ore or metallic powder used for painting the eyelids that is related to Hebrew kahal.

The term comes from Arabic al-kuhl which is from al-, "the" and kohl or kuhl, "antimony sulfide".

alcoholic (s) (noun), alcoholics (pl)
1. People who suffer from a medical condition in which they frequently drink too much alcohol and become unable to live a normal and healthy life."
2. Anyone who abuses or is dependent upon alcohol.
alcoholic cirrhosis (s) (noun), alcoholic cirrhoses
A liver disease occurring in people who are chronic alcoholics: "Approximately twenty per cent of chronic alcoholics develop cirrhosis."

"Alcoholic cirrhosis is described as a condition of irreversible liver disease as a result of the chronic inflammatory and toxic effects of ethanol on the liver."

"The diagnoses of alcoholic cirrhosis are related to the liver's inability to adequately remove waste products from the bloodstream and the effects of an increase of blood pressure."

alcoholic deterioration (s) (noun), alcoholic deteriorations
Dementia occurring with people who are chronically addicted to alcohol: Al's doctor explained that his condition was called alcoholic deterioration which has resulted in a severe decline of his normal mental abilities.

Dementia that is caused by alcoholic deterioration is an organic mental disorder characterized by a general loss of intellectual abilities involving the impairment of memory, judgment, and abstract thinking; as well as, changes in personality.

alcoholica (s) (noun)
Spanish word for alcohol.
alcoholicity (s) (noun)
The degree of alcoholic content: "Alcoholicity is the strength of an alcoholic liquor."
alcoholimeter (s) (noun), alcoholimeters (pl)
A device, such as a form of hydrometer, that measures the quantity of alcohol contained in a liquid.
alcoholism (s) (noun)
1. Chronic alcohol abuse, dependence, or addiction; chronic excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages resulting in impairment of health and/or social or occupational functioning, and increasing adaptation to the effects of alcohol requiring increasing doses to achieve and sustain a desired effect; specific signs and symptoms of withdrawal usually are shown when one stops such drinking.
2. "Alcohol dependence" (currently the preferred term); "alcohol addiction".

The terms refer to a variety of disorders associated with the repetitive consumption of alcohol, usually over a long period of time, in amounts that the drinker is unable to handle physiologically, emotionally, or socially.

People who drink to drown their sorrow should be told that sorrow knows how to swim.

—Ann Landers
alcoholism (s) (noun) (lexicomedy)
Bourbonic plague.
alcoholist (s) (noun), alcoholists (pl)
1. Someone who suffers from alcoholism.
2. A person who abuses or is dependent upon alcohol.
alcoholization (s) (noun), alcoholizations (pl)
Saturation with alcohol; putting the animal system under the influence of alcoholic liquor.
alcoholize (verb), alcoholizes; alcoholized; alcoholizing
1. To treat or infuse with ethanol: Jane said, "Please alcoholize the oranges and prunes for dessert with the fine wine and put them into the fridge until after dinner."

Jack saturated or alcoholized the cloth with a hydroxyl compound to use as a cleaning agent.
2. To put under the influence of a fermented drink: After consuming two bottles of wine, the two brothers didn't notice that they had alcoholized themselves until after they stood up from the table.

alcoholo-, alcohol-, alcoho-
Arabic > Latin: alcohol, originally an "essence or very fine powder", from Arabic al-kuhl which is from al-, "the", and kohl or kuhl, "antimony sulfide".

The subject of alcohol is well-known, but not the origin of alcohol which is also linked to this historical Alcohol Isn’t What It Used To Be. Where alcohol came from should be of interest to everyone!

alcoholomania (s) (noun), alcoholomanias (pl)
Alcoholism; an excessive desire to drink alcoholic beverages.
Drunkenness is simply voluntary insanity.
—Seneca (c. 4 BC - AD 65) Roman writer, philosopher, statesman
alcoholometer, alcoholmeter (s) (noun); alcoholometers, alcoholmeters (pl)
A hydrometer or other device that determines the amount of alcohol in an aqueous (liquid) solution.
alcoholometric (adjective)
A reference to an instrument; such as, a hydrometer, used to determine the amount of alcohol in a liquid.

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