-ectomy, -ectome, -ectomize

(Greek: a suffix; cut, excise, surgical removal of)

Surgical resection of one or more of the splanchnic nerves for the treatment of hypertension or intractable pain.
To remove the spleen.
1. An operation to remove the spleen or the excision or extirpation of the spleen.
2. Spleen removal which may be required to remove a diseased or damaged spleen.

In healthy people, the spleen plays a role in immunity against bacterial infections.

The spleen is in the uppermost area of the left side of the abdomen, just under the diaphragm. It typically has attachments to the stomach, left kidney, and colon.

staphylectomy, staphylotomy (s) (noun); styaphylectomies; staphylotomies (pl)
Amputation or incision of the uvula (small piece of soft tissue that can be seen dangling down from the soft palate over the back of the tongue); uvulectomy: The surgical removal of Steven's uvula, or staphylectomy, was an operation that was recommended to Steven in order to cure his persisting ailment.
The surgical removal of an enlarged gland or tumor; such as, a goitrous thyroid gland.
subcutaneous mastectomy
Removal of breast tissue, using a minimal incision.

This type of mastectomy may be used to remove small areas of suspicious or cancerous tissue, but it can also be a cosmetic surgery procedure.

For example, subcutaneous mastectomy can reduce the volume of enlarged male breasts or be part of a female-to-male sex-change procedure.

suturectomy (s) (noun), suturectomies (pl)
The surgical removal of a cranial suture.
1. To interrupt the conduction of nerve impulses along part of the sympathetic trunk with surgery or drugs.
2. To deprive of sympathetic innervation.
Excision or cutting out a part of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system.

It may include a nerve, plexus, ganglion, or a series of ganglia of the sympathetic trunk.

The excision, or surgery, of a sympathetic nerve.

The method is occasionally used for the treatment of reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

The excision or surgical removal of sympathetic nerves or nerves that innervate (stimulate) all of the smooth muscles and the various glands of the body; as well as, the striated muscles of the heart.

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