ecto-, ect-

(Greek: outside, external, beyond)

A cold-blooded animal; that is, an organism that regulates its body temperature largely by exchanging heat with its environment; such as, a reptile, amphibian, or fish.
A reference to ectothermic.
1. Fluctuation in body temperature in response to temperature changes in the environment which is characteristic of all animals except mammals and birds.
2. Deriving body heat from the sun and other external sources.
1. Refers to fungi that grow on the surface covering of roots.
2. Describes an organism that gets its nutrients from the outside surface of its host.
ectozoon (s) (noun), ectozoa; ectozoons (pl)
An organism living externally on another animal: An ectozoon can be an animal, as a flea, or a plant thriving and obtaining nourishment on the outside surface of another creature without having to kill it.