dyna-, dyn-, dynamo-, -dyne, -dynamia, -dynamic

(Greek: power, strength, force, mightiness)

adynamandrous, adynamandry
1. Having non-functioning male reproductive organs.
2. The condition of being self-sterile.
adynamic (adjective), more adynamic, most adynamic
A reference to the lack of strength or vigor: Marty had an adynamic condition that reflected his absence of physical strength usually because of the illness he had experienced.
adynamogynous (adjective), more adynamogynous, most adynamogynous
A reference to the loss of the functions of female organs.
aerodyne (s) (noun), aerodynes (pl)
Any aircraft that is heavier than air and derives its lift chiefly from aerodynamic forces: An aerodyne can be any kind of "heavier-than-air" flying machine that gets it lift from movement.
aeromechanics (s) (noun) (no pl)
The scientific study of air and other gases in motion or in equilibrium: Aeromechanics deals with the effect of solid bodies in the flow of the air and gases.

Aeromechanics also includes the two distinct branches of aerodynamics and aerostatics.

dynamic (adjective), more dynamic, most dynamic
1. Relating to a person who has great enthusiasm with a lot of energy and determination: Thomas, the new boy in class, seemed to be so dynamic with new ideas and so full of pep and vitality that everyone was interested in knowing him.
2. Pertaining to a sense of purpose and the ability to getting things going and accomplished: Joan’s mother had a dynamic character as a single mom in that she had to manage and to coordinate all of the activities of her family in a successful way.
3. Characterized by vigorous activity and producing or undergoing necessary changes and developments: Henry was a dynamic student who was an athlete and also dedicated to being a scholar by learning his academic assignments.
4. A reference to the involvement of strength and vitality that produce motion or activities: In comparison to a small town, a large city is quite dynamic because there is more traffic on the streets day and night and more things happening and taking place with so many people of different nationalities.
A reference to the production of activities or making use of force.
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Characterized by energy or strong influence.
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1. The branch of mechanics that is concerned with the effects of forces on the motion of a body or system of bodies; especially, of forces that do not originate within the system itself.
2. The forces which tend to produce activity and change in any situation or sphere of existence.
3. In music, the different levels of loudness and softness in a piece of music or the variation in the intensity or volume of musical sound, and the way in which a performer reproduces them during a performance.
1. A machine or a piece of equipment that converts or changes mechanical energy into electricity; usually, in the form of direct electrical current.
2. A hard-working, tirelessly energetic person or someone with a lot of energy and determination.