doloro-, dolor-, dolori- , dol-

(Latin: to feel pain, to grieve; sorrow, grief, mourning)

dolores praesagientes
Fleeting, false pains occurring a few days before the onset of labor during childbirth.
Causing pain or grief.
That which banishes or mitigates grief or sorrow.
1. A device for measuring sensitivity or degrees of pain, or pain intensity, utilizing a variety of stimuli; such as, thermal radiation and some standard responses by the conscious individual as an index of pain threshold.
2. An instrument usually employing infrared radiation, for measuring the stimulus magnitude required for inducing pain.
dolorimetric, dolorimetrically
A reference to a method of measuring the intensity of pain perception in degrees ranging from unpleasant to unbearable by using heat applied to the skin as a gauge.
1. The measurement of pain sensitivity or pain intensity.
2. A method of measuring intensity of pain perception in degrees ranging from unpleasant to unbearable by using heat applied to the skin as a gauge.
3. A technique for measuring the sensitivity to pain produced by heat rays focused on an area of skin and recorded in dols.
1. Causing, producing, or generating pain.
2. Possessing the quality of pain; arousing pain.
A reference to something which is caused by pain or is causing pain.
1. A medical specialty concerned with the study and treatment of pain.
2. The systematic study of the mechanisms and management of pain.
In music, an Italian term (via Latin) that means, having a sorrowful or plaintive quality.
From Italian via Latin, a grievous condition or situation.
dolorous (adjective), more dolorous, most dolorous
1. Characterized by or affected with physical pain: After dinner, June had a dolorous feelingĀ in her stomach and thought that she had eaten too much ice cream for desert!
2. Relating to, marked by, or expressive of misery or grief: Edna felt so sad after the death of her husband that she only had dolorous thoughts for a long time; however, she also received many dolorous messages from friends and relatives expressing their sympathy for what happened.
A reference to causing or indicating grief.
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Pertaining to being sorrowful or mournful.
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1. A reference to occasioning pain or grief; grievously.
2. Sorrowfully, dolefully.
Sadness, mournfulness; painfulness.
Dolors of Mary
In Roman Catholicism, a devotion that commemorates, The Seven Sorrows of Mary, or seven sorrowful or anxious occasions in her life.

Cross references related to "pain, hurt; suffering, injury" word families: -agra; algesi-; algo-; angina-; Masochism; noci-; odyno-; poen-; pono- (toil, work; pain); Sadism.