-al; -ial, -eal

(Latin: suffix; pertaining to, like, of the kind of, relating to, characterized by, belonging to; action of, process of)

Pertaining to the Arachnida.
An "unnecessary variant" of arachnoid or having the appearance or texture of a spider's web.
arboreal (adjective), more arboreal, most arboreal
1. Relating to or resembling a tree or trees: The arboreal cover in the park provided lots of shade for the picnickers.
2. Living in trees; such as, birds or animals: There are arboreal apes, gibbons, and squirrels among other arboreal creatures.
3. Adapted for life in trees: Sam and Mary discovered a variety of arboreal birds which were living in the trees down by the river.
Pertaining to trees or inhabiting trees like arboreal animals or birds.
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Relating to or like a tree.
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Pertaining to or similar to a tree or trees.
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Referring to arctic lands; such as, the arctogeal fauna (animals).
arthrodial (adjective), more arthrodial, most arthrodial
Descriptive of joints; such as, those in the spinal column which articulate between semi-flat surfaces: A common complaint among some gym users is that they have aching arthodial areas in their backs.
artificial (adjective)
1. Made by human skill; produced by humans; as, opposed to natural origins; such as, artificial flowers.
2. Imitation; simulated; sham: "Barbara used artificial vanilla flavoring when baking her cake."
3. Lacking naturalness or spontaneity; forced; contrived; feigned: "Sally greeted us with an artificial smile."
4. Full of affectation; affected; stilted; for example, artificial manners, artificial speech.
5. Made without regard to the particular needs of a situation, person, etc.; imposed arbitrarily; unnatural: "Jack thought the club presented artificial rules for membership."
6. Based on arbitrary, superficial characteristics rather than natural, organic relationships: "The botanists presented an artificial system of classification for the plants."
7. Manufactured to resemble a natural gem in jewelry, with chemical composition, and appearance.
Certain specialized, or abnormal, floral and foliage leaves.