-al; -ial, -eal

(Latin: suffix; pertaining to, like, of the kind of, relating to, characterized by, belonging to; action of, process of)

1. Surrounding the tracheae.
2. Situated around the trachea.
Pertaining to, relating to, or of the nature of, a phalanx or phalanges.
Of or pertaining to phosphorus; resembling phosphorus.
prelacteal (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Regarding the consumption of nourishment that precedes the beginning of milk flow: Prelacteal feeding of a newborn baby with carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions is to reduce initial weight loss until breast feeding is fully established.
2. Pertaining to the jaw structures of marsupials prior to milk teeth: In her biology class at school, Nancy learned about the prelacteal mouth formation of kangaroos, wombats, and opossums in Australia that are thought to be traces of dentition before the first teeth appear.
prenatal (adjective) (not comparable)
Concerning the preparations a pregnant woman or her unborn baby might need: Lucy Timmons decided to attend a prenatal yoga class each evening in advance of giving birth.

Lucy's friend wanted to take prenatal vitamins to make sure she was getting the best nutrition for her new baby.

principal (s) (noun), principals (pl)
1. A chief or head.
2. The head or director of a school or; especially, in England, a college.
3. A person who takes a leading part in any activity, as a play; a chief actor or performer.
4. The first player of a division of instruments in an orchestra (except the leader of the first violins).
5. Something of primary or chief importance.

Learn how to distinguish between principal and principle.

A reference to or characterized by periodontitis or marginal periodontitis.

Periodontitis is a dental disorder that results from progression of gingivitis, involving inflammation and infection of the ligaments and bones that support the teeth.

regimental (adjective), more regimental, most regimental
Referring to or pertaining to a military formation varying in size from a battalion to a number of battalions: The regimental commander left his regimental headquarters to check on his military unit.
Relating to, contained in, or according to sacred writings, especially the biblical scriptures.
2. Written or relating to writing.
septal (adejective), more septal, most septal
A reference to or relating to a partition or a dividing wall between two spaces or cavities .
1. Preferring to use the left foot, the left hand, and/or the left eye.
2. Relating to or located on the left side; especially, the left side of the body.
spinal (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to a spine, spinal cord, or to the backbone: This is characterized by the functioning of the spinal column independently of the brain, as from an accident, disease, or, in the case of animals, experimental transection, such as in a spinal animal or preparation.