dis-, di-, dif-

(Latin: separation, apart, asunder; removal, away, from; negation, deprivation, undoing, reversal, utterly, completely; in different directions)

The meaning of dis- varies with different words; dif-, assimilated form of dis- before f; di-, form of dis- before b, d, g, l, m, n, r, and v.

disagreeable (adjective), more disagreeable, most disagreeable
disagreeably (adverb), more disagreeably, most disagreeably
disagreement (s) (noun), disagreements (pl)
disallowable (adjective), more disallowable, most disallowable
disallowance (s) (noun), disallowances (pl)
disanimate (dis AN i mayt") (verb), disanimates; disanimated; disanimating
1. To render lifeless or to deprive of life: The terrible disease that Joan’s grandfather had disanimated him within a short time, so he didn’t have to suffer too much before he departed from this world.
2. To divest of spirit, courage, or vigor: After Greg’s mother passed away, the experience of losing her disanimated him completely to such a degree that he couldn’t go back to work for a long time.
3. To discourage, to dispirit, to dishearten: The ordeal of getting a bad grade on his English test in school disanimated Albert so much that he stayed in his room and wouldn't talk to anybody the whole day!
disappear (noun), disappears; disappeared; disappearing
1. To pass out of sight; to vanish.
2. To cease to exist; that which can not be seen nor found.
3. To get lost; especially, without a warning or an explanation: "Her son disappeared without a trace."
4. To cease to be seen; that is, by moving away or going behind or into something.
disappearance (s) (noun), disappearances (pl)
disappoint (verb), disappoints; disappointed; disappointing
disappointedly (adverb), more disappointedly, most disappointedly
disappointingly (adverb), more disappointingly, most disappointingly
disappointment (s) (noun) disappointments (pl)
disapprobation (s) (noun), disapprobations (pl)
1. A moral disapproval or condemnation: Most church ministers present disapprobations to their congregations about right and wrong behaviors.
2. An expression of a strong unfavorable opinion: As the mayor of his city, Chris was finding it difficult to tolerate the constant disapprobation of his critics.
A disapproval of a situation.
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A failure to be satisfied.
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1. The act of disapproving or condemning; censuring.
2. The expression of disapproval.
3. A feeling of disliking something or what someone is doing.
4. An inclination to withhold approval from some person or group.
5. A feeling of disliking something or what someone is doing.