dis-, di-, dif-

(Latin: separation, apart, asunder; removal, away, from; negation, deprivation, undoing, reversal, utterly, completely; in different directions)

The meaning of dis- varies with different words; dif-, assimilated form of dis- before f; di-, form of dis- before b, d, g, l, m, n, r, and v.

dissuasiveness (s) (noun) (usually no plural)
dissymmetrical, dissymmetric
The absence or lack of symmetry; that is, not being the same or corresponding on both sides of a central dividing line.
To punish by casting out of the synagogue.
distaste (s) (noun), distastes (pl)
A feeling of dislike, aversion, or antipathy.
distasteful (adjective), more distasteful, most distasteful
distastefully (adverb), more distastefully, most distastefully
distemperance (s) (noun), distemperances (pl)
A lack or absence of moderation; specifically, an excess in drinking or other indulgences: After being at the pub for a long time, distemperance was noted in Steven’s behavior because he had had too many beers so he was sent home by taxi instead of being allowed to drive his car.
distemperate (verb), distemperates; distemperated; distemperating
1. To exceed the bounds of moderation or to be excessive in one's behavior or actions as to cover up something: Joe's friend has been known to distemperate the sides of a lot of buildings and walls in his town with posters, murals, and comical images.
2. Etymology: from Late Latin distemperare, literally, "to mix thoroughly"; from Latin dis, in the sense "completely" + tempare, "to mix, to mingle in due proportion, to combine properly"; from temps, genitive of temporis, "time".
distend (verb), distends; distended; distending
1. To stretch out or to extend from an internal pressure.
2. To expand or cause to swell, as by pressure from within; to make or become swollen.
distender (s) (noun), distenders (pl)
1. Something that expands by stretching, as something hollow or elastic: "Mike's overeating became a distender of his stomach."
2. Anything that spreads in all directions or which expands or swells.
1. Capable of being distended.
2. Anything which can be stretched and expanded.
The action of stretching longitudinally, straightening out, or placing at full length; causing an extension; straining, racking.