dermo-, derm-, derma-, dermato-, dermat-, -derm, -derma, -dermatic, -dermatous, -dermis, -dermal, -dermic, -dermoid, -dermatoid

(Greek: skin)

Any cutaneous (skin) eruption caused by an emotional stress.
dermopathic (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to skin disorders and their cures; dermatopathic: Jill was very happy when her doctor told her that she had a dermopathic condition which could be treated easily and successfully.
dermopathic (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to skin disorders: dermotopathic: When Marsha noticed a strange spot on her arm, she went to her doctor who diagnosed it as being a dermopathic condition and sent her to a specialist for a further examination.
dermopathy (s) (noun), dermopathies (pl)
In pathology, a disorder of the skin; dermatopathy: There are different types of dermopathies, among them are diabetic dermopathy, restrictive dermopathy, and narcotic dermopathy.
dermoreaction (s) (noun), dermoreactions (pl)
A cutaneous (skin) reaction: Dr. Snow told Jane to inform him if there was any dermoreaction, like red or itchy skin, when using the new medication he gave her.
dermoskeleton (s) (noun), dermoskeletons (pl)
Support structures that support organism bodies from the outside and which are formed from the ectoderms (outer layers of skin): .All arthropods (spiders, insects, crustaceans, horseshoe crabs, etc.) have dermoskeletons."
A contraction of the skin.
dermosyphilopathy (s) (noun) (no pl)
Cutaneous lesions of syphilis: The second stage of the the venereal disease development of syphilis occurs with a rash all over the body, termed dermosyphilopathy.
dermotactile (adjective), more dermotactile, most dermotactile
Relating to the sensitivity of the skin when it is touched: "Mark's dermotactile condition was made more dermotactile or intensified when he accidentally walked into some poison ivy when he went for a walk in the woods."