(Latin: from, away from, off; down; wholly, entirely, utterly, complete; reverse the action of, undo; the negation or reversal of the notion expressed in the primary or root word)

decease (verb), deceases; deceased; deceasing
1. The event or act of dying or a departure from life.
2. To pass from physical life and to lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life.
3. Etymology: from French deces, from Latin decessus. "death,"; literally, "departure", from the past participle stem of decedere "to die"; from de-, "away" + cedere "to go".
deceased (s) (noun), deceased (pl)
1. Someone who is no longer alive.
2. Those who have recently died: "The two brothers were the deceased who were killed in the auto accident."
3. The person who has died, as used in the handling of his/her estate, probate, of will; and other proceedings after one's death.
4. A reference to the victim of a homicide: "The deceased was shot several times."
decedent (s) (noun), decedents (pl)
1. Someone who is no longer alive.
2. A person who has recently died.
deceit (s) (noun), deceits (pl)
Etymology: from Old French decevoir, Modern French d├ęcevoir, "to deceive"; from Latin decipere. "to ensnare, to take in, to beguile, to cheat"; from de-capere, "to take".
deceitful (adjective), more deceitful, most deceitful
deceitfully (adverb), more deceitfully, most deceitfully
deceitfulness (s) (noun), deceitfulnesses (pl)
deceivable (adjective), more deceivable, most deceivable
Inclined to being false or misleading: Linda thought Tom was truly a deceivable creature and she hated him because he was so deceitful and deluding.
deceive (verb), deceives; deceived; deceiving
1. To mislead or to deliberately hide the truth from someone: Shawn deceived his mother into believing he was going to school when he really went to a movie"
2. To convince oneself of something that is not true.
deceived (adjective), more deceived, most deceived
deceiver (s) (noun), deceivers (pl)
decelerate (verb), decelerates; decelerated; decelerating
deceleration (s) (noun), decelerations (pl)
The diminishment of a speed for a slower movement.
decelerator (s) (noun), decelerators (pl) (nouns)
An apparatus that slows the speed of an engine.
decelerometer (s) (noun), decelerometers (pl)
An instrument for determining how slow a moving body is going.