(Latin: from, away from, off; down; wholly, entirely, utterly, complete; reverse the action of, undo; the negation or reversal of the notion expressed in the primary or root word)

detainer (s) (noun), detainers (pl)
A person, or people, who prevent others from leaving a place: "The police detainers were holding suspects to see who was responsible for the major auto accident on the highway."
detectable (adjective), more detectable, most detectable
1. Disposed to being discovered or perceived: When Susan talked with her friend, there was a certain detectable coolness in her friend's behavior.
2. Capable of being perceived by the senses or the mind; discernible: The strong odor in the fridge was certainly detectable and Joan thought it might be fish.
determination (s) (noun), determinations (pl)
A resolution or a commitment to a position or a decision: Peter's determination to participate in the marathon required a great deal of preliminary training and practice before it took place.
determine (verb), determines; determined; determining
1. To control, limit, regulate, or to define: The condition of the ice rink will determine if the hockey players can play their game in the morning.
2. To ascertain or to establish exactly; usually, as a result of research or calculations: Officials are trying to determine what caused the bridge to collapse and fall into the river when a truck was accidentally driven into at least one girder, or possibly several girders, causing the bridge to collapse and sending two vehicles and a mass of concrete and steel into the river. Fortunately, it was determined that no one was killed.

The objectives of the revisions of the business report were to determine what was accurate and not merely to satisfy the superintendent's views.

Glenda was determined to complete her college education so she could get a good job as a computer programmer.

determined (adjective), more determined, most determined
A reference to a strong resolution or pledge to achieve one's goals: Olivia's determined commitment to achieving her objective of being an architect was encouraged by her teachers.
Relating to making up one's mind to achieve something; resolute.
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deterministic (adjective), more deterministic, most deterministic
Relating to events or experiences that cannot be controlled because they are decided by situations that are beyond people's choices or desires: The deterministic details of the graduation ceremony at the university were established by traditions dating back 150 years.
detest (verb), detests; detested; detesting
1. To dislike someone or something very much: James and Sara detest their landlord and so they are looking for another place to live.
2. To feel antipathy or aversion towards another person or situation: Margaret detests the heavy traffic when she drives to work.
3. Etymology: by way of French detester; from Latin detestari, "to bear witness against, to denounce" from testis, "witness".
To dislike intensely.
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To hate extremely.
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To abhor something or someone.
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detestable (adjective), more detestable, most detestable
Descriptive of something or of someone that deserves intense dislike or revulsion: The detestable and abhorrent behavior of the criminal was beyond belief!
detestably (adverb), more detestably, most detestably
Descriptive how someone or something can be offensive and hateful: Meg found the days so detestably dull and lousy when all of her friends were gone on vacation during the summer holidays.

Some of the people at the political gathering were so detestably immoral and vulgar that other people could not tolerate being anywhere near them.

detestation (s) (noun), detestations (pl)
An intense loathing or hatred for someone or something: Jane's neighbor had two dogs which caused her to have detestations about them because of their behavior of barking so much during the daytime and at night.